Host organization

The Kingston Operation Red Nose campaign is operated by host organization La Route du Savoir, the French Literacy Centre of Kingston, which offers adult education and training programs. La Route du Savoirs' former executive director Marc Bissonnette started Operation Red Nose in the city in 1997 to help raise funds for local literacy projects targeting youth. So far, the campaign has raised more than $193,625 for such projects during its 18 years of operation.

Host organizations must partner with local police and a local radio or television station and demonstrate the ability to mobilize volunteers and efficiently manage community projects. The host organization, through a volunteer organizing committee, must commit to a minimum of nine operating nights during the campaign. The volunteer driver service is to be offered free of charge and all proceeds, raised through client donations must be given to the group(s) supported by the host organization. The organizing committee is made up of about 15 volunteers. Together, these volunteers plan, organize and co-ordinate the event using guidelines set by the national office. As early as May, volunteers start devoting time and energy to local campaign preparations. The continued success of Operation Red Nose is due to the commitment of these faithful and generous volunteers.

2017 Kingston Operation Red Nose Organizing Committee

President -- Arlette Girdwood
Director -- Chantal Hudon
Coordinator & Webmaster -- Julie Brisson
Communications -- Karen Smith
Dispatch --
Treasurer --
Sponsorships -- Dany Tremblay & David Lucas
Technology Support -- André Gagnon & Hans Boldt
Mascot -- Anne-Sophie Lafleur & Dominique Tremblay
Kingston Police Liaison -- Lilian Walcer