Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a taxi service?

Operation Red Nose isn’t a taxi service. It’s a unique program that gets both vehicles and drivers home safely. So while anyone can call, you must have a vehicle in order to get a ride. You also need to wear seat belts so if you have more passengers than seat belts, someone will be staying behind.

I was a volunteer last year. Must I fill out a volunteer application form again this year?

Yes, you must fill out a new volunteer application form even if you volunteered last year.

I am alone and would like to volunteer for Operation Red Nose. Can I still volunteer if I’m alone?

Of course! Fill out a volunteer application form and when you show up for duty at headquarters, we will match you up with other volunteers to form a team

I don’t have a vehicle or a driver’s license. Can I still volunteer?

Yes, you can volunteer as a navigator, i.e. the person who accompanies the designated driver and the client inside the client’s vehicle. You must however meet the volunteer age criteria as indicated on the volunteer application form.

I would really like to volunteer but I’m afraid I won’t be able to last for the entire night. Do I need to be there for a minimum number of hours?

No. You don’t have to be on the road until the late hours of the night in order to volunteer for ORN. You can end your volunteer shift at any time if you feel too tired to continue.

I had lunch with friends today, and while sipping on wine, we decided to volunteer for ORN tonight. Can I volunteer even if I’ve had a small quantity of alcohol during the course of the day, many hours prior to reporting for duty?

No. You may not have any alcohol on the day that you volunteer for Operation Red Nose. That has been the policy since Operation Red Nose began in 1984.

Is fuel reimbursed for volunteers who act as escort drivers?

Yes. Thanks to our generous sponsors, all escort drivers are given gas cards to cover gas used in driving Operation Red Nose teams. The number of kilometres travelled is reported to the Treasurer at the end of each shift. 

I would like to volunteer as an escort driver. Would I be covered by insurance if an accident were to occur while volunteering?

The escort driver is responsible for having standard car insurance to cover any potential damages. Operation Red Nose provides additional complementary coverage to the coverage you already have. 

I just moved to Canada. I don’t have a Canadian driver’s licence but I have an International driver’s licence. Can I still volunteer for Operation Red Nose?

To volunteer as a designated driver or an escort driver, it is mandatory to have a Canadian driver’s licence. However, you could still volunteer as a navigator.

For more information call us at 613.544.7447