The volunteer must, at all times, take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of the team as well as that of the client and passengers.  All driving laws and regulations must be strictly obeyed.  Drivers will not follow other vehicles too closely. Operation Red Nose is not responsible for any ticket issued to any driver (parking, speeding, non-respect of road signs, etc…)

Therefore, the drivers of both the escort and the client vehicles must comply with the posted speed limit, or that requested by the client (the lower of the two), buckle their seat belts and politely request that the client and passengers do likewise.  They should ensure that the clients have the current vehicle registration and proof of insurance with them.


Volunteers must not consume any alcohol on the day of their service to Operation Red Nose.  This has been a fundamental rule of Operation Red Nose since its creation in 1984.


Total discretion is required regarding the identity, address, phone number, and behavior of the clients.  The same discretion is recommended towards all volunteers.


Tolerance, patience, and most of all total courtesy should be expressed at all times in dealing with the clients and with other volunteers.  Volunteers should never smoke in the client’s vehicle.

Free service

The Operation Red Nose service is free to anyone, regardless of whether a donation is given.  Donations or tips must never be solicited.  Whatever money is offered, a sincere ''thank you'' is in order.  All money must be turned in to Operation Red Nose.


Operation Red Nose volunteers are greatly exposed to fatigue.  They should not underestimate the dangers of lack of sleep when working in the middle of the night.  Most volunteers will not have slept for more than 18 hours, and the period between 2 and 6 am, when our biological clock says we should be resting and sleeping, is a particularly difficult time.  It is therefore strongly recommended that all road volunteers take a nap in the late afternoon or early evening prior to their assignment.

Consideration of the other volunteers

All Operation Red Nose volunteers give their time freely to this important and worthwhile cause.  Operation Red Nose should be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.  Consideration for the other volunteers and teamwork will make the experience more pleasant for all.